[Geany-devel] editing big files can be too slow with tag reparsing

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Sep 28 12:45:30 UTC 2011

On 28 September 2011 22:01, Nick Treleaven
<nick.treleaven at btinternet.com> wrote:
> On 28/09/2011 12:56, Lex Trotman wrote:
>> Actually that leads to the question, why is it reparsing an unchanged
>> file after the first time anyway?
> It isn't, AFAICT. I was editing doc/geany.html (python not installed yet).

So you was docutils :) no wonder it was annoying when it was slow.

I know Colomban hasn't done the docs yet, we need to be careful to
explain this well, there is no other automatic preference overrideing
feature in Geany.

Needs to explain that tags will stay there but won't update until save
(they will still update on save right?) so the user can figure out how
to realign tags and file after, for example, they delete a whole
chapter of geany.html and make most of their tags useless.

The statusbar message needs to be logged to the status window as well,
status bar messages can be overwritten at any time.


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