[Geany-devel] Hi Guys

Nick Treleaven nick.treleaven at xxxxx
Tue Sep 27 16:09:56 UTC 2011


On 27/09/2011 16:44, Jacques du Rand wrote:
> Quick Question:
> -I get a copy of source via svn compiles fine
> -Builds fine
> -Run it as<geany-svn-snapshot>src/geany -c ~/.config/geanydev
> THEN :
> ERROR1: I can't see any open files in "File Open Dialog" I can see
> files in "Project ->  Open" dailog ?

Could be related to a file filter bug - do any filters work?

Are you using the latest SVN? (Try 'svn info' to find out).

> ERROR2:Plugins list is empty ?

Probably you haven't installed Geany?

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