[Geany-devel] Question about GTK+ version used

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Mon Sep 26 08:21:59 UTC 2011


Is there some specific distro or platform that sets the oldest GTK+ 
version Geany needs to support?  I had a conversation with Enrico on IRC 
some time back and he explained that Geany supports older GTK+ versions 
so that "enterprise" and similar distros which have really old packages 
are able to still able to compile/run it.

So I was just curious *specifically* what distro(s) and version(s) sets 
the oldest version of GTK+ that Geany should support?

In case it's of any interest to anyone, I just did some searching around 
and here are some distro and GTK+ versions I could find:

RHEL 5 - GTK+ 2.10
RHEL 6 - GTK+ 2.18
Fedora 8 - GTK+ 2.12
Fedora 10 - GTK+ 2.14
Fedora 11 - GTK+ 2.16
Fedora 12 - GTK+ 2.18
Fedora 13 - GTK+ 2.20
Debian Lenny - GTK+ 2.12
Debian Lenny (backports) - GTK+ 2.18 or GTK+ 2.20
Debian Squeeze - GTK+ 2.20
Ubuntu Hardy - 2.12
Ubuntu Lucid - 2.20

Matthew Brush

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