[Geany-devel] Updating images in the documentation

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Sep 25 15:58:32 UTC 2011

Le 25/09/2011 17:05, Enrico Tröger a écrit :
> Hey guys,
> for the upcoming release we should update the images in the
> documentation, in particular those for the preferences dialog.
> I remember the discussions in the past about the GTK theme+engine used
> for the images. For some reason, not all people like my custom red
> theme :).
> I'd update the images unless someone else wants to do it.
> The question is just whether there was a decision made in the past
> about what theme+engine to use for the images. If not, we should make
> that decision soon.
> I don't mind much about which theme as long as it is not that Aqua/Mac
> stuff.

I don't remember such a discussion, and honestly I don't mind the theme
used, all screenshots just needs to use the same  Also they should show
an unconfigured/default Geany.  Apart that I don't want them to be taken
under Windows or MacOS, but that's all.

So I'd vote for you (Enrico) adding the missing captures/updating the
necessary ones using the same theme as usual, but that's only because
it'd be probably less work than re-doing all captures with another theme.

If anybody thinks another theme is better (like my own, hehe), feel free
to speak (now, or shut up forever -- just jokin').  But if we choose to
change the theme, I think it's better to use any kind of "vanilla" one
(Clearlooks or whatever) so it feels more natural to most people: I
don't think it's really sensible to change from a custom theme that
don't please everybody to another custom theme that won't please everybody.

My 2¢,

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