[Geany-devel] saving plugin settings in a project file

Alexander Petukhov devel at xxxxx
Wed Sep 21 13:18:14 UTC 2011

I agree that user doesn't have to open a project to be able to use 
debugging and
settings are better be saved between geany startups.

What I wanted was to have debug settings loaded at the same time I open 
files I worked with last time.
And I kept in mind that there can be several sessions/projects that a 
user would like to save debug settings for.

I also decided to use project file because there is no API to store 
plugin data in a session,
but now I realize that I can store debug settings for a session in 
plugins own config, where all other plugin level stuff reside
and if a user works with a project - store debug settings in a project, 
therefore supporting both project and session modes.

I believe it's the right way.

Regards, Alexander
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