[Geany-devel] How about calling the next release 1.0?

Ross McKay rosko at xxxxx
Tue Sep 20 11:02:39 UTC 2011

Jon Senior wrote:

>[...] Firefox (now on version 4) crashes
>at least twice a week (although mainly due to Flash). [...]

OT, but: Firefox 4.x is a nasty pile of alpha-ware (at least, on Linux
x86-64). 5.x wasn't much better. Upgrade to 6.02 for something more
stable. Firefox 4.0 drove me to use Chrome as my primary browser,
although 6.02 is stable enough that I might even switch back by 7 (or
8.. or 9.. or..) (and I still use Firefox for development because
nothing can touch Firebug)
Ross McKay, Toronto, NSW Australia
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