[Geany-devel] various prefs warning - changing 'various'

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Sep 16 15:03:57 UTC 2011

Le 16/09/2011 16:40, Matthew Brush a écrit :
> On 09/16/2011 07:23 AM, Lex Trotman wrote:
>> [...]
>>> I would've thought it'd be easy to change the two user-facing labels,
>>> like 5
>>> minutes easy.  Seems to me now would be the ideal time to change
>>> those two
>>> labels.  Or, is it possible to do English translations after the string
>>> freeze?
>> The problem is that the decision is needed today (your time, its
>> Saturday for me already :).  String freeze means that all English
>> strings in the software are frozen whilst translations are made.  This
>> is so that the translations match the originals.  So no changes
>> allowed between then and release.
> Right, so if someone takes 5 minutes to rename Various to <Other Thing>
> today then it will save it from having to be re-translated later, after
> the release.  It would also be less confusing to the end user to not
> change the name of this tab/group between this release and the next.  If
> there ever was a time to rename this, now seems ideal.  I don't think
> end users will care so much if Geany's source code says various and the
> UI says "Advanced" or something, but they will probably notice the
> labels, especially next release when they're called something else.
> But, like I said, it's not a huge deal, just a little bit of polish.

Although I also agree it's not necessarily the better term, "Advanced"
was rejected in the original discussion, and I doubt something like
extra/other/additional warns the user better than "Various".

However, if we find something great before tomorrow morning (2011-09-17
UTC) I think it's fine to change it.  We won't change any string if it's
not strictly necessary until the release after then.


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