[Geany-devel] build commands - Re: SF.net SVN: geany:[5915] trunk/TODO

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Fri Sep 16 01:15:33 UTC 2011

> Now done. Does the non-GUI option override the filetype run command? I mentioned keybinding in the item because it's more flexible as a different command.

There is actually no distinction between filetype and non-filetype commands.
They override based on their position in the menu, so if you added one
in position EX_00 in a source higher up the hierarchy you would
override the default filetype run command.

While you were away I added another writeup to the wiki,
http://wiki.geany.org/howtos/configurebuildmenu that might help.  Any
comments welcome, so far I havn't had any significant ones so either:
no-one has read it, its perfect (unlikely), or everyone is so overawed
they don't know what to say :)

> Even with the overriding, a GUI option would still be nice. I'm now preferring a Build/Run notebook tab split rather than filetype/independent. That way we can avoid a subnotebook for the project dialog.

When writing the wiki description I came to the decision that a simple
to use restrictive GUI was best, so maybe this is one way of doing
that, although most of the commands will be in build part, the run
part will be a bit empty won't it?

My feeling is that the notebook page(s) should only be a summary of
the major options for all menu items and a details subdialog showing
all the options for one menu item should be used to edit things.  This
helps to reduce the size of the notebook pages. As we anticipated
there have been several suggestions for things that would require
additional build settings in addition to the extras that were
discussed in the past.  Accommodating this would be easier in the
details dialog.

> It might not require many changes to allow this, not sure.
> I don't think the TODO requires dynamic keybindings though.

True, keybindings is separate from the GUI changes.

>> As a general question that I have never thought about
>> before, how is
>> the to-do list (which is in the VCS and the distribution so
>> it must be
>> official right?) maintained and community agreement reached
>> on what is
>> in it and the priorities?
> It is sometimes out of date or missing things. I use it as a reminder and to let others know about important things. I think we should avoid putting everything in it, it would require too much maintenance. I'm in favour of a Wiki version also, so long as it stays focused (not a wishlist) and based on concensus.

Agree, as we have discussed in the past I am in favor of some more
planning of the future direction (we don't want a lumpy uncoordinated
version of Eclipse to result) and the wiki todo should be the result
of that, maybe with a separate wishlist page as input to the process.


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