[Geany-devel] Why Geany doesn't use exactly what is set in "marker_search"?

Dimitar Zhekov dimitar.zhekov at xxxxx
Fri Sep 9 17:53:42 UTC 2011

On Fri, 9 Sep 2011 20:44:53 +0300
Dimitar Zhekov <dimitar.zhekov at gmail.com> wrote:

> With the Markers Margin hidden, you don't have arrow or plus, so the
> background = 2nd argument of marker_line and transluency = 1st argument
> of marker_translucency.

The above for the line marker (arrow) only. The marked lines (plus)
have background = 2nd arguments of marker_mark and marker_translucency.

E-gards: Jimmy

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