[Geany-devel] geany on github; why not?

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Tue Sep 6 13:21:18 UTC 2011

Am 06.09.2011 05:29, schrieb Lex Trotman:
>> 1. Some branch names should be renamed (e.g. Geany-0_19_1) because
>> > they have the same name as tags and they are ambiguous when doing "git
>> > checkout". Some naming scheme for stable branches should be invented.
> I notice there is some inconsistency in naming recent branches whilst
> naming for tags is consistent. In olden times branches were named like
> Geany-0.10.2 but only lately has it changed to underscores.  Tags
> always used underscores. So maybe go back to using dots in branch
> names (and rename clashing ones).

I agree to use a consitent way. With migration to git we could clean
that also out I guess.


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