[Geany-devel] Geany SourceForge.net Project Page

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sun Oct 30 09:38:30 UTC 2011


Is it possible to put a big warning message on the SourceForge page to 
indicate that we're not using SVN there any more?  It's really annoying 
from a user's POV[1] when a project abandons a repository and leaves it 
open without any obvious indication that it's not using that (see 
Scintilla CVS repository).  I propose if we can't put a warning of some 
sort to tell users where to find the source code, that we take down the 
SVN repository, or maybe move it to geany.org (or elsewhere) just for 
historical purposes.

Also, maybe the "News" on SourceForge.net should have an item for the 
switch from SVN there to Git on Github.com.

Lastly, has anybody noticed that SourceForge.net has added those 
infamous evil[2] little social networking "like" links to our project 
page?  Basically, we're now helping Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to 
track our users against their will.  I wonder if those can be disabled 
through the admin settings?

Matthew Brush

[1] I've admitted made this mistake before and inadvertently done work 
on old outdated code ... ouch!
[2] http://nikcub.appspot.com/logging-out-of-facebook-is-not-enough

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