[Geany-devel] [RFC] Geany Plugin Names

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sat Oct 29 05:41:07 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Is anybody opposed to removing the "geany" and "Geany" prefix from the 
plugins in Geany-Plugins.  I mean at least for the directory name in the 
source tree, README/Site, and PLUGIN_SET_INFO() name?

It's always bothered me when I go into *Geany's* plugin manager and see 
plugin names like "GeanyFooBar".  Obviously the plugin is for Geany and 
the "Geany" prefix makes the plugin not ordered correctly.  Same goes 
for the SVN/Git repository source tree directory names.

For example:

Geany-Zencoding plugin could be "Zencoding" under the directory in the 
repo called "zencoding".

This is like many plugins already, for example:

addons, codenav, debugger, devhelp, gproject (sorta :), pretty-printer, 
shiftcolumn, spellcheck, tableconvert, treebrowser, updatechecker, 
webhelper, and xmlsnippets.

IMO these would be reasonable renames for the others:

Old Name		Plugin Info Name	Directory
========		================	=========
GeanyDoc		Documentation?[1]	doc or geanydoc
GeanyExtrasel		Extra Selections	extrasel
Geanygdb		GNU Debugger[2]		gdb
GeanyGenDoc		Documentation Generator	gendoc
GeanyInsertNum		Insert Numbers[3]	insertnum
GeanyLatex		LaTeX (Addons)		latex
GeanyLipsum		Lorem Ipsum Generator	lipsum
GeanyLua		Lua Plugins		lua
GeanyMacro		Macro Recorder		macro
GeanyNumberedBookmarks	Numbered Bookmarks	numberedbookmarks
GeanyPg			Privacy Guard		pg or gpg
GeanyPrj		Project Manager?[4]	prj or project
GeanySendMail		Send Mail		sendmail
GeanyVC			Version Control		vc or vcs
--[coming soon]---------------------------------------------------
GeanyMultiTerm		Multi-Tabbed Terminal	multiterm
GeanyPy			Python Plugins		python
GeanyZencoding		Zen Coding		zencoding
[1] Could we merge Devhelp and GeanyDoc?
[2] Could we replace in favour of Debugger?
[3] Should this go in Addons?
[4] Could we merge GProject and GeanyPrj or are totally different?

Anyway, just a thought to make things more consistent and less 
redundant.  It seems like while converting and moving to Git would be an 
ideal time to do this.  Feel free to +1, -1, comment or ignore.

Matthew Brush

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