[Geany-devel] Future of GeanyGDB - [was: Geany Plugins Warnings (again)]

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Fri Oct 28 23:46:30 UTC 2011

On 10/28/2011 04:27 PM, Dominic Hopf wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 28.10.2011, 16:02 -0700 schrieb Matthew Brush:
>> The only plugin with non-trivial (by way of quantity) warnings to fix
>> was GeanyGDB.  I don't know if this is maintained any more or if it's
>> needed with having the Debugger plugin, but if it is, the author(s)
>> should go through and fix all their `const` usage themselves.  The
>> attached patch for GeanyGDB only fixes a few usages but exposes much
>> more warnings, so it might be of little use.
> The original author of this plugin was Jeff Pohlmeyer, I'm afraid he
> will not read this, though. I took over the "maintainership" long time
> ago, approx. at the beginning of 2010 (or maybe earlier) to not have an
> unmaintained plugin within the Geany-Plugins project.
> Seems I was out of my estimation regarding what it means to maintain
> such an amount of C code written by someone else - having in mind that
> I'm not that skilled in C (I'd call myself rather a beginner in writing
> C). I actually didn't wrote C since a few month now and also do not use
> GeanyGDB at present.

It's almost all just that the const-incorrectness everywhere in the 
existing code is causing a zillion warnings.  It doesn't necessarily 
mean the code is bad or broken, just that it's going to cause a ton of 
warnings and could possibly have some weird memory issues IIUC.  Maybe 
if no one can fix the warnings, there's a way to disable the specific 
warnings for that plugin alone in the build systems?

> I appreciate any efforts and patches which may improve GeanyGDB and
> would apply any contributed stuff for that plugin, but I'd like to
> discuss some questions (IIRC some may also were earlier discussed
> before):
> 1)
> There are guys out there who write C code and may use debugging plugins
> from within Geany. There are at least two alternative plugins which
> would do the job. I'd love to know your honest opinion which one you
> actually prefer.

I think there's only the Debugger plugin as an alternative, no?

I had only tried the Debugger plugin when it first landed in G-P, so it 
was quite buggy still, but the general concept/UI was quite nice and I 
know it's being worked on quite frequently, so it's probably improved 
quite a bit since then.

> 2)
> Wasn't it discussed before that we maybe remove GeanyGDB after the 0.21
> release? - I'm not sure about this and to lazy to investigate for the
> mails. :)

I'd say if the Debugger plugin is in good enough shape, it would be ok 
to remove GeanyGDB.  I guess we should see how many people use it though 
and ask them if they'd like to maintain it (ex. on the general geany list).

> 3)
> Is there anyone out there who alternatively would like to maintain and
> improve GeanyGDB (and is more skilled in C than me :) ).

No thanks :)

> 4)
> I of course appreciate Matthews patch and like to apply it, but that
> most likely should wait at least until we moved to GitHub with
> Geany-Plugins, should it?

I wouldn't apply the patch for that at all.  It's the only one of those 
patches that's totally incomplete and it will probably cause all kinds 
of strange bugs and even more warnings.

Matthew Brush

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