[Geany-devel] question, webhelper plugin on windows xp

Jérôme Andanson jerome_andanson at xxxxx
Sun Oct 23 13:57:11 UTC 2011

Thanks for your answer Colomban.

Le 20/10/2011 23:17, Colomban Wendling a écrit :
>> I  not see information about webhelper plugin compatibility on the
>> geany-plugin website.
>> There is a part about requirements :
>> This plugin requires GTK+ (>= 2.16), GLib (>= 2.16), GIO (>= 2.18),
>> GdkPixbuf (>= 2.0), WebKitGTK (>= 1.1.18), and obviously Geany (>= 0.20)
>> but i dont' know how i have to do or if it's possible on windows.
>> So please where can i find information for using this plugin in windows
>> XP environement ?
> I never tried to build it on Windows, but in theory it should work just
> fine as long as WebKitGTK is ported to window (and it is, AFAIK).
> I can't really tell you how to setup the development environment on
> Windows to build this because I'm far from being comfortable on Windows
> building, and because I don't really have any Windows machine at hand,
> but I guess that when the GTK environment is set up (not *that* hard, I
> did it hum... twice) it's fairly easy to get WebKitGTK too, and then
> build the plugin using Waf (Autotools under Windows aren't that usable).
> Maybe Enrico or Matthew could help on setting up Windows environment?
I haven't skills in build on windows (on linux too just can follow an 
how to), i'm just a webdeveloper but i'm ok for try, i just have a look 
on waf, but for the moment i prefer wait for more information on.

For my own information, who build the version of geany and geany-plugins 
on windows ?

>> Another question will be is it possible to have two times the
>> plugin,like two tab ? (two can be>2 but 2 is good)
> It's not possible ATM, but maybe it could be implemented -- though I'm
> not quite sure what's the point: WebHelper is not meant to be a "real"
> browser.
I know my request is a little bit strange. the case is developing a 
website with a manager part and a public part. for switch from the first 
to the second, two view will be more pratical. the first 'bad' thing 
come in my head was just compile the plugin with a different name so i 
can have twice.

But i understand it is not the goal for geany to have a real browser into.

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