[Geany-devel] question, webhelper plugin on windows xp

Jérôme Andanson jerome_andanson at xxxxx
Thu Oct 20 20:18:55 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I  not see information about webhelper plugin compatibility on the geany-plugin website.
There is a part about requirements :
This plugin requires GTK+ (>= 2.16), GLib (>= 2.16), GIO (>= 2.18), GdkPixbuf (>= 2.0), WebKitGTK (>= 1.1.18), and obviously Geany (>= 0.20)
but i dont' know how i have to do or if it's possible on windows.

So please where can i find information for using this plugin in windows XP environement ?

Another question will be is it possible to have two times the plugin,like two tab ? (two can be>2 but 2 is good)


-- sorry for ~engli$h~ (french hard user), on gnu/linux at home and windows at work --

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