[Geany-devel] Glade 3 Translations (was Re: Team Translation)

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Tue Oct 18 20:51:03 UTC 2011

On 11-10-18 10:43 AM, Enrico Tröger wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Oct 2011 18:58:35 +0200, Colomban wrote:
>> Le 16/10/2011 12:07, Matthew Brush a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> Does anyone know what effect merging the `gtkbuilder` branch would
>>> have on translations for the UI stuff?
>>> IIUC there is some translation capability build into
>>> Glade/GtkBuilder, so would we need to start using this?
>>> Do the current translations for Glade 2 strings work on the
>>> auto-generated C code (interface.[ch]) or are they on the Glade 2
>>> file (geany.glade) directly?
>> AFAIK, currently translated strings should be OK as far as we set the
> Well, I just checked po/POTFILES.in and there is src/interface.c
> listed, so this one is used for picking the translatable strings.
> And in po/POTFILES.skip geany.glade is explicitly listed to not be used
> for translatable strings with a comment that intltool would use it
> otherwise. So, I guess, as Colomban, that using the gtkbuilder XMl will
> work fine for intltool as well.


Apparently by default gtk_builder_set_translation_domain() uses 
gettext(), so are we all set then or do we need to set this to something 

Matthew Brush

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