[Geany-devel] Geany is on Github

Jiří Techet techet at xxxxx
Sat Oct 8 10:38:27 UTC 2011

On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 17:28, Matthew Brush <mbrush at codebrainz.ca> wrote:
> Hi all,
> For the tl;dr crowd: https://github.com/geany
> And now for the long version :)
> I've setup Geany as an organization on Github.com[1].  I've also setup an
> empty repository[2] for when the SVN conversion is ready to push.
> I will try and explain how this works because it's a little bit complicated
> at first glance.
> To create an Organization, you first need to create a personal account.  The
> personal account can't have the same name as the Organization. After the
> personal account is created, you convert it into an Organization which is
> almost a separate entity but is in some ways tied to the personal account.
> The personal account I created to do this is called 'geanyadmin' (to avoid
> clashing with the Organization name).
> Once the organization is created, you can add "Owners" to it.  Owners have
> the exact same access as the 'geanyadmin' user, for example, an owner could
> theoretically sign up the Geany organization to a pay account, the Owners
> have wide-open access to everything.  Basically there's no real reason to
> ever use the 'geanyadmin' account as far as I can see, once Owners are added
> to the Organization.
> Just to start, because I had their Github usernames, I've added Enrico and
> Colomban as owners, as well as myself since I need access to set the stuff
> up.  Whoever else should be an Owner (Frank, Nick, etc.) just let me (or
> other Owners) know.  Read below as for why not too many people really need
> to be "Owners".
> Now with an Organization, and some Owners who are able to administer the
> Organization, we come to Teams.  Teams are groups of users who all have the
> same permissions on one or more repository.  Teams can be setup to have Pull
> Only, Pull and Push, and Pull, Push and Administer access.
> Just to give an example, we'll take the 'geany' repository which will be the
> main Geany core repository.  We could add a team for "Core Developers", this
> group of users could be the existing people with commit access to SVN.  In
> fact I've already created this team, with all 3 permissions mentioned above,
> and since I had their Github usernames, I've added Colomban and Enrico to
> this group.
> Now, what we could do, for example, is to create another Team called
> "Contributors" or something, and this Team could have Pull only access (even
> without being in a team, anyone can still clone/pull).  Myself, I would
> probably go into the "Contributors" Team, since I contribute a fair bit, but
> I don't have commit access.
> Another Team could be called "Translators", and have one of the three levels
> of access control mentioned above, and it could be for all the Geany
> repositories, since translators likely work on both Geany and Geany-Plugins.
>  Another Team could be "Newsletter Writers" or something and they could have
> perhaps Push and Pull access on the "newletters" repository only.
> For starting, I suggest the following Teams:
>  - Core Developers (Pull/Push/Admin)
>  - Core Contributors (Pull)
>  - Plugin Developers (Pull/Push)
>  - Plugin Contributors (Pull)
>  - Translators (Pull/Push? or does it go through Frank?)
>    - on both geany and plugins repositories?
>  - Newsletter Editors (Pull/Push on newsletters repo)

Is there any reason for creating teams with pull rights only (core
contributors, plugin contributors, ...)? The whole world should have
pull rights so making a team for them seems unnecessary to me unless
there's some other advantage.


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