[Geany-devel] Plugins README / web pages

Alexander Petukhov devel at xxxxx
Thu Oct 6 11:49:02 UTC 2011

well, I uploaded a draft of a README to svn,
in two words it's structure is like this:

- title
- image (if applicable)
- contents list
- about
- usage
- requrements
- contact info

About is a short paragraph about what a plugin is.
Usage is the place where main information about plugin usage, tips, 
issues etc are supposed to be.

I thought we can avoid duplication of "Installation", "Downloads", "Bugs 
/ Feature requests link"
sections in every plugin as there are distinct pages for this stuff at a 
plugin web-site.

Let's discuss format and after that - reformat all READMEs.

p.s. GeanyLaTex and Geanylua have external links in README instead of 
actual text, it's ok probably but a link on Geanylua's page seems to be 

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