[Geany-devel] Question about GTK+ version used

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Wed Oct 5 22:58:29 UTC 2011

Le 05/10/2011 09:30, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> Hi Alex,
> There is no problem (that I'm aware of) with any versions on Linux,
> except of course new features were added over time.  Since everyone
> wants to use the shiny new things, they want a newer version.
> Also as newer features replaced older ones, some of the tools (glade)
> discontinued support for the older features making it hard to continue
> to use older versions.

True.  Glade 3.10 is a real $!#!@@$$## that don't even work for GTK2
anymore :@

> But on windows, as I understand it, GTK 2.16 is ok, but something(s)
> that was changed in 2.18 and broke stuff on windows, I'm not sure
> exactly what.

Client-side windows.

> There are not many contributors to GTK for windows so it took a long
> time for the problems to be fixed (assuming they are) so it isn't
> until about 2.24 that the general consensus on the gtk ML seemed to be
> that it was ok.

AFAIK yeah, with 2.24 GTK works all fine again on Windows.  This said, I
found many app working just find with 2.22, and I think 2.18 too.
Actually I'd better say that >= 2.16 && < 2.24 had *some* problems, not
that they were completely broken.


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