[Geany-devel] Git switch (for real) (was: Re: geany on github; why not?)

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Oct 3 15:28:14 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Now the release is out, it's time for the real migration.  There's
things to do then, and perhaps a few we still need to agree on.

Le 05/09/2011 23:05, Jiří Techet a écrit :
> [...]
> End of the long email finally! I tried to record all what needs to be
> done so nothing is forgotten once the real migration takes place
> because some of the stuff took some time to discover.

@Jiří: Would you mind doing the real export since you know have a little

@all:  We will switch to Git, and we need to choose basically between
GitHub and Gitorious.
I'd vote for trying GitHub, just because it has one thing I quite liked
and that Gitorious don't seem to have: comments on a particular commit's
line.  I did use it a few times with Matthew, and I felt it quite
convenient to comment details [1]
Apart that I don't mind, both have the necessary stuff, and Gitorious is
more "free as in freedom".

Also, I think that we should at least try Vincent Driessen's branching
model [2] (e.g. develop branch + feature branches + release branches).
It might looks a bit containing at first glance, but also makes things
clean -- but note I never tried it in a real project, maybe I'm wrong.

Finally, we'll need to "all" (at least committers -- Nick, Enrico, Frank
and I --, Enrico and I) work a bit together to do the switch:

 * committers needs to stop committing to SVN when export to Git starts
 * somebody (Jiří?) needs to export the SVN repo
 * somebody (me I think) need to setup an "upstream" repo on
 * we'll have to update everything that assume we commit to SF's SVN
(some mirroring, commit ML, etc). Enrico, I guess we'll need you at
least to help here still a bit, sorry ^^

So, we'll need to work together soon, and that'll need us to coordinate
ourselves.  So Jiří (if you accept re-exporting), Enrico, Nick and
Frank: when can we do the actual switch?  I can have the time whenever I
want this week, I just need to know ;)

It would be good if all this could be done as soon as possible so we can
start development again using this new scheme.  Sooner's better.


[1] I don't suggest to move all discussion outside the ML, far from me
this idea.
[2] http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/

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