[Geany-devel] Unit tests for Geany (continued from Github)

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Wed Nov 30 08:08:23 UTC 2011

Am 30.11.2011 08:39, schrieb Matthew Brush:
> On 11/29/2011 11:12 PM, Frank Lanitz wrote:
>> Am 30.11.2011 07:36, schrieb Nathan Broadbent:
>>> P.S. The documentation needs to be updated for the 'waf' build system,
>>> in quite a few places, including geany-plugins.
>> I don't refer to other points as I would need to catch up discussion on
>> github before (wth why are we using differnt chanels? can we turn off
>> the github commenting stuff.. its a nightmare)
> It's not a nightmare if you use it.  Comments are essential for code
> review, pull requests and useful for discussion of specific code. You
> can configure your Github notifications to email you just about
> everything and you can reply using your email client, if it's too much
> trouble bouncing between web browser and email client.

I activated things I know of and still got feeling, don't receive
everything. E.g. the discussion about Ruby stuff I only received one mail.

> Nathan made a pull request, he was told the proper channels (upstream)
> since it was a Scintilla change, then he asked about testing and was
> directed to the ML to discuss it.  If you aren't able to open your web
> browser, that pretty much sums up the relevant "discussion" on the pull
> request comments.

Thanks for writing down conclusion.


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