[Geany-devel] Some sort of thoughts about geany-plugins-devel-git-repo

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Sun Nov 27 07:30:25 UTC 2011

Am 16.11.2011 12:02, schrieb Alexander Petukhov:
> Maybe we can use git pre-commit hook to prevent commits that breaks some
> quality criteria?
> http://book.git-scm.com/5_git_hooks.html
> To be honest I didn't get much into details but it seemed to me that it
> can handle quality check tasks.

Well, this will need to maintain the hook e.g. on adding white rules for
warnings that are common and don't hurt much. Give we don't add such
thing, geanylua, prettyprinter and a bunch of other plugins will not be
part of the party.

> So my suggestion is still to use a single common repo for all plugins
> and use commit hooks to prevent unqualified code.

I diasagree as see above.

> This requires that at some point all plugins in this repo pass this
> quality check, and here is what I suggest - move plugins from svn one by
> one,
> checking code for quality.
> For those that didn't pass we can create a distinct repo under geany
> organization. Once a maintainer or a volunteer refine a code to fit the
> requirements it can be
> moved to a main repo. Until then it can be still available but won't be
> included in g-p release (maybe we can create distinct release
> geany-plugins-unsupported, as IIUC I already suggested once).

In basic thoughts I'm with you. As this will remove a bunch of plugins
from repository and split up focus very much I'm afraid I have to disagree.

> To easily move plugins between probably it's a good idea to use
> submodules, IIUC this is svn "externals" analogue.

I think submodules is nice for including external libraries into your
source tree, but will make things more complicated by none visible extra
from my point of view. Its against the idea behind geayn-pluings (see
also below).

> To make every plugin compile and build independently I vote for
> eliminating common "po" catalog, that I also suggested recently,
> this will also help to avoid translations intersection between different
> plugins.

This wasn't the goal behind geany-plugins as wrote in other. The goal
was to have one single build system, one single translation and some
more common infrastructure.

> Renaming plugins in sense of removing "geany" prefix also can be done
> while moving.

This is up to the author of plugin ;D


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