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Johann SAUNIER jsaunier.devel at xxxxx
Wed Nov 23 15:01:55 UTC 2011

Hello world,

I tried to defend Geanyprj a few weeks ago because I heard it will be
removed from the plugins project due to a lack of maintenance. So, I
decided to maintain it myself because I would really miss it (I can't get
used to Gproject).

First of all, is there a specific mailing list for Geany-plugins ? I
couldn't find it.

My questions if I'm already at the right place :

1) In a  previous post, Lex told me that he couldn't create a new project
because of a crash :

Unfortunately compiled against Geany Git it crashes creating a new
> project.  I don't have time (or interest I admit) to find out why, but
> it may need some maintenance.
> Cheers
> Lex

I can't reproduce this crash as everything works perfectly on my machine. I
build against :

- branch 'master' of git://github.com/geany/geany

Am I wrong ?

2) I tried "./waf updatepo" and the results are big changes in .po files,
like if they were all much out of date -> do we have to use "updatepo" each
time we add a translatable string or should we add it by hand in the .po
file of our native language (and the other ones we know how to translate) ?

3) by executing step 2, I noticed an error in the README. waf. Do I have to
send a patch or just tell it to a maintainer on this list ?

4) I saw a Tracker->Patches page on
http://sourceforge.net/projects/geany-plugins/, is this the right place to
submit patches ? If so, do I have to tell someone before submitting ?

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