[Geany-devel] Preventing "cd" to clutter VTE shell history

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Thu Nov 17 01:17:15 UTC 2011


An user on IRC asked whether there was a way to prevent the "cd"
commands that Geany launches on the VTE when follow_path is enabled to
clutter his shell history.  I first though "no", but actually Bash don't
put in the history commands prefixed with a space [1]; and ZSH has an
option [2] to follow this behavior (while doing nothing special without
the option).

The reason of this mail is to ask you if you think that prefixing the
"cd" command with a space should be made a pref or not.

 * 1-char change (only adds a space)
 * No extra hidden pref no body cares about
 * Probably no need to be configurable
 * Probably won't do anything wrong with other shells (CSH, whatever)
 * ...

 * Not configurable
 * Maybe some shell would interpret this another way?
 * ...

So... do you think it should be configurable or do I simply put a
leading space and be done with it?


[1] though I didn't found the feature in bash's manual, with a fast and
inaccurate grep.

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