[Geany-devel] Analysis results

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Nov 10 08:00:08 UTC 2011

Hi All,

With Matthew's help I've run the clang static analyser over the Geany codebase.

Results are here:
https://github.com/elextr/geany_stuff/raw/master/sc.xz  this is a
directory full of html, as usual start at index.html.

A total of 86 errors were detected.

Some of these are false positives where functions like error() don't
return (but are not so marked) so code after error() won't run on the
condition that caused the error.  This just means marking the error
function as never returns.

Others require malformed data, eg filetype with comment single,
comment close but no comment open.  Doesn't really need to be fixed,
except to prevent a crash in case it runs into such malformed data.

Don't be too quick jumping in and "fixing" many of these since in some
cases they are rather subtle, for example the fix I committed
yesterday for an error detected in build.c wasn't the first obvious

Please enjoy! and consider 86 as not bad, especially as most are in
the horror tagmanager.


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