[Geany-devel] Stub project files for sharing

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Fri Nov 4 09:56:42 UTC 2011

Am 03.11.2011 15:45, schrieb Nick Treleaven:
> My solution:
> A foo.geanystub project file goes in version control. It is never 
> written to. It should be prepared by manually editing a copy of a 
> local project file.
> On opening a foo.geanystub file, Geany creates foo.geany in the same 
> path then opens it.
> When opening foo.geany, if foo.geanystub exists, then override 
> settings with the stub contents.
> This way the VC file can decide which settings are not overridable.
> My solution shouldn't require much code to implement. I've only noted 
> the bare bones of it, there are some things that could be added to 
> make it better. Even with these I think it's simpler and neater.

That solution seems awkward to me. Especially the creation part where 
you need to copy, then hand-edit.

Normally you don't need to touch such project files at all, but you 
require not only that, but also that the people know which parts to take 

Also, one could argue that foo.geany should override the stub file. 
Anyway this is a feature not covered by the separate-file approach.

So, it seems more complicated for users, since the separate-file 
approach would just work (no hand-editing required), so I disagree it's 
simpler. OTOH it's probably simpler to implement (just load the stub 
after, so things get overridden automagically) and 
backward-compatibility is not an issue.

Best regards.

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