[Geany-devel] [RFC] Geany Plugin Names

Johann SAUNIER jsaunier.devel at xxxxx
Wed Nov 2 16:33:08 UTC 2011

Ok, I gave Gproject a try :

> Since 'Symbol list update frequency' (aka real time symbol parsing)
> got in, GeanyPRJ lags every <freq> miliseconds. Geany stops taking
> input every cycle until the cycle is done.

I haven't noticed that

> Secondly: saving a file
> takes 1-2 seconds.

Ok, but closing Geany with Gproject is so long that Metacity gets
upset and asks me if it should be forced to close ;) It was
instantaneous with Geanyprj

> Gproject is able to do the same (plus more) without any lags.

I agree, it seems to be more reactive

> Both plugins index in a single thread, which is a pity for multi-core
> PC's as it takes quite a while to open a project and index all tags.

Still too long to load :(

At last, here is what the Gproject's documentation says about their
differences :

- GProject is an extension of Geany's project so every Geany project
is a GProject at the same time and vice versa. On the other hand,
GeanyPrj project is a separate project so if you want to set build
properties for a GeanyPrj project, you have to set up a second Geany
project in parallel.

I don't use this facility much, but it's a good thing anyway (+1 for Gproject)

- Because GeanyPrj is a separate project management plugin, it can do
some things that GProject cannot - in particular, it can manage
several projects in parallel. If you need to switch between several
projects, GeanyPrj might be a better option for you. Alternatively,
you can open several Geany instances for different projects to work on
several projects in parallel using GProject.

I often have more than one project opened in the same instance of
Geany -> I will hardly get used to this (-1)

- GProject displays full tree in the sidebar while GeanyPrj displays
only two-level tree (full directory name as a parent and a list of
files under the directory).

I agree, Geanyprj's project view is unusable. That's one the patches
I've made  -> don't display the project sidebar (0)

- GProject has configurable patterns while patterns in GeanyPrj are hard-coded

That just make Geanyprj more straightforward to configure since I
don't need patterns. I use C for the project itself, Python for
functional testing, CMake files for the build system and interfaces
are written in C++, Java and even C# -> so I have to use * as the
pattern filter in Gproject (-1)

- GProject offers header/source swapping

So does "code navigation" plugin -> redundant in Gproject (0)

- GProject offers finding project files by name

Never use it because my brain is too small to remember the hundredths
of file names I have in my projects :) I prefer walking the treeview
to find a file (0)

In conclusion, I will try it for a few days and hope I can get used to
it, and who knows ... adopt it :)


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