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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Mon May 23 20:37:04 UTC 2011

On Mon, 23 May 2011 09:34:52 +1000, Lex wrote:

>> We can surely use another theme for the Wiki, there is an open
>> discussion on the Geany mailing list though except one poster, nobody
>> made any suggestions.
>Yes, I understand that its the theme /template, but I looked at all
>the themes on the Docuwiki website, and none seemed to limit the
>width.  Maybe you will have better luck.
> And as for looks, none of them seemed to be really exciting, and they
>are very blue?

Not sure, I didn't have a close look at themes yet.
As I earlier said, I don't care much about the theme. IMO it should jus
look basically nice (that is, "nice" for me personally doesn't mean
much, no high requirements). One thing I want to have is some kind of
sidebar (or top bar) to ease navigation.
I'll have a look at the themes soon, I hope.

And for the colors, nobody prevents us to overide them with something
we like more :).

>>>I'm not suggesting you enable embedded HTML, just complete documents.
>>>Or as I said I can do PDF if thats the only way of getting fixed
>> I don't like linking to yet another document. If you are in the Wiki,
>> you want just information, not download and open another document.
>> IMO this is quite distracting and unnecessarily circumstantial.
>Well I respect thats your preference, but in general I don't think its
>a problem, clicking on a link that goes to an HTML doc rather than a
>wiki page is really irrelevant to the user, it still comes up in his
>browser, or pdfs come up in Evince.

I always feel quite uncomfortable when looking for information and need
to open a PDF. I need to start another program, change the focus and
then get back again into the browser. It just breaks the flow.
A linked HTML document is not that worse but I'd say to some extend it
breaks the flow also a bit at least in terms of jumping into another
site, out of the wiki. That's why I'd like to keep it all at one place.

>In fact I would say as a rough heuristic the most useful wikis are
>those that have details in separate docs, but that may be coincidence.

I can't really judge this. Didn't make this experience.

>> I don't expect it will take that much time.
>You might be right, the markups are similar in concept, but of course
>annoyingly different in detail, and rarely suitable for global edits.

True but only once.
The advantage is that afterwards we have the source in the wiki and not
only you can change/improve it when necessary.

>>>PS what theme in what window manager do you use for screen captures
>>>for the manual?  If possible I will use the same for the images to go
>>>in this document.
>> I use xfwm4 (Xfce's window manager) with my own theme.
>> This had been discussed a few times ago already I think, that we
>> should use a more generic theme for the manual screenshots. I don't
>> mind much which theme and window manager to use as long as it is
>> easy to get and dosen't look too foreign (like those weird
>> Aqua/MacOSX themes, this is a no-go :D).
>Ok, xfce4 I can't do.  As for whats a good theme, its no good asking
>me, I'm too lazy to change from the one that came with the distro :-D
>I would just add the Gnome default to the list of no-gos Ug-gly,

As said, I don't care much. I fully do agree we should use one them but
not sure which.


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