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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon May 23 00:02:11 UTC 2011

On 23 May 2011 01:30, Randy Kramer <rhkramer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Lex,
> This is one of those cases where I wrote a long email because I didn't
> have (or didn't want to take) the time to write a short email.  Sorry.

Still short of time I see :-D  and you didn't answer the question of
what document you were talking about, so I will specify that I'm
talking about the HTML doc I posted, I know what the settings in it

> I guess someone would say konqueror 3.5.9 is broken.  Someday I'd expect
> to upgrade to kde 4.<something> which would hopefully solve the
> problem.

Time to replace your browser if it does that on my doc, thats
incorrect behavior, its broken.   On a current firefox it can shrink
to a few characters wide and the scroll bar doesn't appear until it
gets narrower than the widest single word.

> So, I understand what you are saying now.  And, if you want to put the
> document somewhere where the max width attribute can be specified,
> that's fine with me.  (Because usually my browser is opened to the full
> width of the screen.)

Ditto, and it can't be resized because I have lots of tabs open and
can't keep re-sizing the window each time I swap tabs.

> OTOH, I wouldn't have a problem with your document on the wiki, because:
>   * in konqueror (3.5.9) the text wraps to the width of the horizontal
> bars on the page, which, is about 78 characters according to wc
>   * in Iceweasel, the text wraps to the the width of my browser window
> I use konqueror as my default browser, with Java, Javascript, and
> cookies turned off.  (I turn on cookies and javascript for selected
> pages when needed.)

Well that reduces the risk of the gaping security holes in such old
browsers, but what a lot of trouble.  I'd just upgrade.

> If I can't successfully use a page in konqueror, I'll open it in
> Iceweasel.

And 3.0.6, thats an old version too :-)

> (This is for a number of reasons, among them, Iceweasel (Firefox)
> doesn't (easily?) allow multiple independent instances--if I do
> something to make Iceweasel crash, all "instances" of iceweasel crash.
> (Firefox might have addressed that in the last few years.)  In
> contrast, every instance of konqueror is a true independent
> instance--if one crashes, the others are not affected.)

Hmmm, I havn't had Firefox crash since I dunno when, I told you not to
follow the links emailed to you by the nice Nigerian gentleman :-D

> I agree (very strongly) that document width should not exceed something
> like 60 to 80 characters (I'm agreeing with your <80).  But, I'm happy
> to adjust that to suit myself by adjusting the width of my browser
> window (when necessary).

As I said above, users having to adjust the browser window is
unacceptable with tabbed browsers.

> If the browser itself, or the HTML (with the max width attribute you
> mention set to some limit (like 40 ems?), limits the lines to
> reasonable lengths, so I don't have to adjust the width of my browser,
> that's peachy.

Yes, what I'm advocating is providing the user an orchard :-)

> The two (or three) things I do not like are:
>   * long lines that will not wrap so I have to scroll horizontally to
> read the entire line

Agree, browser or website broken

>   * web pages with text in columns that in some browsers (konqueror
> 3.5.9) will not wrap to the displayed width of that column, so I have
> to scroll horizontally within that column


>   * even worse are the pages that won't let me horizontally scroll
> within that column and I have to C&P to an editor to read the text
> (fortunately, at least usually, the C&P, picks up the entire text even
> though it is not visible on my browser screen.

Real broken.

> I guess I should experiment with the HTML max width attribute to see
> what it does.
> Ok, I did some experimentation.  Maybe (probably?) konqueror 3.5.9 is
> just a broken browser.


> Apparently konqueror 3.5.9 treats the max width as both a min and max.

Yes, its broken, there's a theme happening here.

>> No, this time its not just me being a cranky opinionated so-and-so
>> :-)
> If you are being a cranky opinionated so-and-so, I have to claim
> membership in the same group. ;-)

Welcome :-)


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