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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun May 22 14:50:30 UTC 2011

On Sun, 22 May 2011 21:14:20 +1000, Lex wrote:

>> I would like to keep embedded HTML and especially PHP code disabled
>> in the Wiki, not only because of security reasons, also because it
>> would cause mixing different markups in the Wiki, we already
>> disagreed on this regarding ReST and Markdown syntax support in the
>> Wiki, it's pretty much the same for HTML.
>Hi Enrico,
>Well this is intended as a manual not wiki pages.  Text documents like
>this should not be unconstrained width, but as far as I can find there
>is no way of limiting width in Docuwiki.  And its own manual is an

Because you edit the content of the pages. The width of the rendered
HTML has to be handled by the theme.
We can surely use another theme for the Wiki, there is an open
discussion on the Geany mailing list though except one poster, nobody
made any suggestions.

>example of how hard it is to read unconstrained width text.  Imagine
>the Geany manual displayed with unconstrained width :-(

Geany's manual is a generated HTML page and the it's the same as with
the Wiki: the content does not know anything of widths or other display
It's just the layout which defines those. For the wiki, this is the
theme, for the generated manual it's the theme.

>I'm not suggesting you enable embedded HTML, just complete documents.
>Or as I said I can do PDF if thats the only way of getting fixed size.

I don't like linking to yet another document. If you are in the Wiki,
you want just information, not download and open another document. IMO
this is quite distracting and unnecessarily circumstantial.
I really don't want to have your great docs in a third, separate place.
Either we put it into the Wiki or we put it into Geany's manual.
Basically, I do think it would fit best into the manual but it would
make the manual even bigger. This is why I personally would prefer the
wiki, now that we have it and it just needs to get ready to use (e.g.
by choosing a theme) and filled with a bit content.

>>>Or I can provide the source in asciidoc, if someone wants to convert
>>>it to docuwiki, but I'm unlikely to do that.
>> This is what I would prefer, so if you share the source, I'd convert
>> it.
>No problem if thats the end solution, but where are you going to get
>the time?  Also lets also wait to see if anyone actually has any
>comments on the content :-)

I don't expect it will take that much time.

>PS what theme in what window manager do you use for screen captures
>for the manual?  If possible I will use the same for the images to go
>in this document.

I use xfwm4 (Xfce's window manager) with my own theme.
This had been discussed a few times ago already I think, that we should
use a more generic theme for the manual screenshots. I don't mind much
which theme and window manager to use as long as it is easy to get and
dosen't look too foreign (like those weird Aqua/MacOSX themes, this is
a no-go :D).


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