[Geany-devel] Build System User Guide

Randy Kramer rhkramer at xxxxx
Wed May 18 12:26:44 UTC 2011


Lex and I have had a little bit of off-line conversation about his 
document, the Build System User Guide.  He suggested that I put it on 
the wiki.  

I made a feeble attempt, and now recommend instead that, at least on a 
temporary basis, it be put on the geany.org website with one or more 
links from the wiki to the document.  This is because:
   * the document is a fully formed, standalone HTML document
   * and, in that form, is not directly "pastable" into the wiki

Instead, unless I'm missing something, it would have to be copied and 
pasted in as plain text, and then marked up with DokuWiki markup.


On Tuesday 17 May 2011 08:04:56 pm you wrote:
> Well as Enrico says, the document should be located on the Wiki, and
> this is the stuff that should go on the page where it is to tell
> people what it is.
> No grabs, but then it matters less if its on the Wiki and introduced
> as above.
> Since you are the Wiki-spurt (well you are writing a lexer for them)
> maybe you can create a page with the first cut of the intro and I can
> add the document later.

Ok, I made a simple minded attempt at putting your document on the wiki.  
Before I give you the link, let me tell you it is not really worth 
looking at or what you'd expect.

Apparently DokuWiki (if that is the wiki being used) cannot handle html 
markup.  (Foswiki (nee TWiki), can, although it would probably choke on 
some of the things in your document (like the scripts and CSS).)

Thus, to really put your document "in" the wiki, it would have to be 
copied and pasted as plain text, then marked up with DokuWiki markup.  
More work than I'm willing to do immediately.  Further, I don't know 
the DokuWiki markup (as opposed to the Foswiki markup, much of which I 
use every day.

So, I recommend that at first, your document not be put in the wiki, but 
instead be put on the geany.org website, separate from the wiki, as an 
HTML document, with one or more links from the wiki to the document.

Overtime, as people have an interest, they can move all or parts of the 
document to the wiki and (modify and) mark it up as desired.

The wiki page I started is here:


The page designation (/documentation/programmingfeatures) may not fit 
with a more thought out scheme for the overall organization of the wiki 
which may be developed (by others), thus that page may get deleted or 
moved (and, certainly, as you will see, needs modification).

I'm sending a copy of this to the mail list to propose that your 
document be put on the geany.org website separate from the wiki (at 
least on a temporary basis).

Randy Kramer

> Any comments on the documents content would be good too, thats the
> main reason for releasing it ATM.  Even if its only lousy grammar and
> spelling (since Geany's spell checker isn't fixed yet, hi Enrico :-).

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