[Geany-devel] TextMate Themes for Geany

Maciej Ciemborowicz pub at xxxxx
Thu May 12 01:17:07 UTC 2011

Hi again,

I'm still working on Textmate to Geany color schemes conversion and I 
like to show you some effects. I also want to ask you for help and 
contribution, because at this stage, work is more time consuming and 

Here is a converter written in Ruby. This is a Geany theme writer's 
module, only this file is necessary for you:

As you can see, there are mappings of TextMate properties in format:

    "geany_property"    => @items["some_property"] ||
    @items["alternative_property"] || @items["etc"] ||

And here are some (over 250:)) TextMate themes with equivalents for Geany:

But it's not easy to find accurate properties in TextMate. I didn't 
found any documentation. Worse still, I have no Mac :D. The only way is 
to read theme after theme, try new mappings and compare them with 

Any remarks are welcome. You may put them on this mailing list or here:

- Maciej Ciemborowicz

One more thing. Some properties, like colors of line numbering are not 
existing in any TextMate theme :(. I still consider the best solution.
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