[Geany-devel] Textmate color schemes convertion

Maciej Ciemborowicz (publiczny adres) pub at xxxxx
Thu May 5 14:40:51 UTC 2011

Hi. I'm going to write Textmate color schemes to Geany color schemes converter.
But I have doubts about how to do that properly. Documentation says, that I
should place them in colorschemes/*.conf files. But as I see, filetype
definitions have hardcoded colors. I don't want to generate schemes for all
filetypes becouse it is... redundant. I want to write one color scheme and
figure on filetypes.* which SHOULD depend on it (at least official versions).
The second problem is, that I can place in colorschemes/*.conf only
[named_styles] section, not [styling] section, which is in filetypes.common.

1. Where can I find full list of official [named_styles] properties? I can't
find it in the manual.
2. Why it is not possible to define [styling] properties in color scheme files?
3. Have I to overwrite filetypes.common to make well converted color scheme?
4. Have I to overwrite all filetypes.* files to make them depend on
filetypes.common (on better colorscheme/*.conf) file?

I don't entirely understand what is filetypes.common for and why it is not just
a default color scheme in colorschemes/ subdirectory.

Maciej Ciemborowicz
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