[Geany-devel] Bumping Geany's GTK minimum requirement to 2.12

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Wed May 4 22:40:43 UTC 2011

Le 04/05/2011 23:00, Enrico Tröger a écrit :
> Hi,
> any objections in increasing the GTK minimum requirement of Geany to
> GTK 2.12 (and GLib 2.16)?

None from me, more the contrary :)

> This would make quite some code obsolete and so could be removed.

Yep, that'd be good.

> Also, it would make it easier to migrate to using Glade 3 with
> GtkBuilder instead of Glade 2

Well, not completely sure about this, even though I like GtkBuilder and
Glade3 (it's soooo nicer than Glade2 :p): GtkBuilder was *introduced* in
2.12, which means the code is quite young with this release, maybe
having important issues. I don't mean we shouldn't try to use it, but
simply that it may be a problem because some important fixes might have
happened in a newer release.

> (and in the long term makes getting
> compatible with GTK3 easier, but really, later :D).

Honestly it shouldn't be that hard to support GTK3 at some point since
AFAIK we don't rely on the things that have largely changed in GTK3
(size allocation, Cairo rendering, ...).

> Though I'd like to do this step some time later.

Wise, one step at a time ^^

> Also we could rely on GIO which came with
> GLib 2.16 which should remove some #ifdefs.

That'd be good, to. The more code paths, the more bugs, etc.

> I think the current minimum of GTK 2.8 can be increased as GTK 2.12 is
> already about three years old already.
> Any objections?

Again, no. Let's wait for Nick's answer... :D


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