[Geany-devel] SVN Log Stats

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Tue May 3 01:28:31 UTC 2011


I was curious about the statistics for the Geany project so I hacked 
together some Python code to peel out some values from the SVN log.  If 
anyone cares, the following are some of what I found:

Total commits:
   eht16: 2466
   ntrel: 2182
   frlan: 413
   colombanw: 87
   kretek: 74
   elextr: 18
   peterscholtens: 9
   dmaphy: 8
   clytie: 2

Total lines changed:
   ntrel: 6195
   eht16: 4174
   frlan: 455
   colombanw: 326
   kretek: 103
   elextr: 34
   dmaphy: 9
   peterscholtens: 9
   clytie: 4

Since the log doesn't attribute patch authors normally, I was going to 
try and parse the "Thanks, Foo bar" messages to get counts for read-only 
developers from the commit messages, but it's too much trouble.  If 
anyone is curious, the word 'thanks' occurs 410 times in the log.

Anyway, I thought others might be interested to see these numbers, since 
I couldn't find them through SF/otherwise.

Happy Coding,
Matthew Brush

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