[Geany-devel] Set Filetypes Menu - group names

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun May 1 12:46:12 UTC 2011


> As I have said before I don't care strongly about the current breakup,

I don't really care neither, but... (read ahead)

> but several people seem to.  After some thought I feel that this is
> likely to be that the breakup is subjective.
> But the only objective breakup I can think of is alphabetic, with
> submenus a-k, l-z or whatever arrangement gives nice menus.

...I'm not sure a too large refactoring of these menus is really a good
thing for users that may be used to the current splitting, but I admit
that the current splitting is quite arbitrary (though I don't know of an
entry I better place somewhere else... but I don't know all the
languages we have).

> Now as
> someone else said this raises questions of localisation, and here my
> ignorance of other languages started started to show.  Having failed
> to find a good answer on Google I now throw the question to the
> worldwide Geany dev list:
> How do you normally handle computer language names in your locale?
> In locales with a Latin alphabet (ie ASCII is a subset, eg French,
> German) do you a) leave the name as is, b) if the name is a word
> (lisp, scheme, racket) do you translate it to the equivalent word c)
> are acronyms the acronym of the translation of the phrase they are
> based on

Answer from me, a French guy: we don't translate such names. Scheme is
still Scheme, Lisp still Lisp, Caml still Caml, XML is not LBX, etc. So
there's no problem for french.

And IIRC, we don't translate these names currently in Geany, but only
something like "%s source file". But I agree that even if it's OK for
names, it may be not for alphabetical grouping, no idea.

> [...]
> Oh and where things are not translated, what do you do if the
> name/acronym forms a rude/derogatory word in your locale?

I never seen such case, so I can't tell... but I guess we'd keep it and
laugh at it :D


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