[Geany-devel] A guide to patches?

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Mar 28 21:06:39 UTC 2011


Le 28/03/2011 22:50, Росен Стоянов a écrit :
> Hey guys,
> i see that there's an active development going on here with all the
> patches and stuff, but i guess not everyone knows how to apply them or
> is it's just me... Either way, can someone give a hint on using them? I
> guess it's somewhat trivial to you, but it's not the same here :D

If you use the Geany's Git mirror, you can use Git's patching facility:

  $ git apply patch-file

Otherwise, you can simply use the `patch` tool:

  $ patch -p1 < patch-file

See the manual of each for more details, or ask if you have a particular

> I'm particularly interested in the new tag parser and the split window
> patches :)

Most of them are already applied to SVN version of Geany (especially the
tag paring stuff, if you refer to my in-memory tag parsing patches), so
maybe just try the SVN version -- or update it if you already use one ;)


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