[Geany-devel] Split Window Patches

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Mar 27 00:31:36 UTC 2011

Hi Matthew!

Le 17/03/2011 00:49, Matthew Brush a écrit :
> #0001
> Enable code folding on the split window.
> Closes bug #3097780[1]

Applied a slightly modified version to SVN, thanks! :)

> #0002
> Enable Scintilla's default popup editor menu on the split window editor
> so that there's a way to copy/paste/undo/redo/etc.
> Closes bug #2983145[2] although the keybindings and main menu items
> still don't work in the split window.

Not sure about this one since the menu is neither translatable nor look
like other Geany's menus. Maybe manually implementing a basic menu would
be better?

> #0003
> Remove the widget reparenting in an attempt to make the plugin work on
> Windows again.  Although I can't test on Windows, I think there's a good
> chance this will fix the issues and it seems to work fine on Linux as
> well.  I base this on an old GTK+ FAQ entry[3].
> If someone can confirm, it will close bug #2725342[4] and the plugin can
> be re-enabled on the Windows build.

Not sure about this, what was the issues before (the one the code talked
I'd prefer one of the original authors to review this one if possible...
Nick (or Enrico, seems you also worked on this), could you check
this/tell what was exactly the issue?

> #0004
> Fix confusing terminology in Split View menu, which has annoyed me for
> some time.
> Closes bug #3203384[5] and feature request #2796316[6]

Applied in SVN, thanks (again).

> #0005
> Stop unsplitting on document close unless there are no documents left
> open.  This patch just uses the first available document in the
> documents array instead of unsplitting when the document in the split
> window is closed.  I left a TODO comment in there, I'll fix it later
> unless someone else has the time.

I committed a modified patch that should fix the issue you had (the
TODO) and implement the behavior of your patch.


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