[Geany-devel] Changes to templates

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sat Mar 19 17:52:11 UTC 2011

Le 19/03/2011 00:55, Matthew Brush a écrit :
> On 03/18/11 14:10, Colomban Wendling wrote:
>> we got two new lines. I'm not saying it's OK, just that this is
>> "logical" (read ahead).
> I thought I had tested this exact scenario and it was still adding a
> newline, but like you said, it doesn't.
>> As said, the code don't add new lines, though it's true the final result
>> actually looks weird.
>> What I propose is to strip the last "implicit" new line at the end of
>> all the loaded template files if they have one. This would fix your
>> issue (in an Unices world at least) IIUC.
>> Do you (all) think it's OK to strip the last new line of the end of
>> template files, since it's most likely to be an "implicit" new line?
> Knowing that it comes from the file itself, I'd like to reverse my
> opinion on this and say to leave it up to the template.  What I think
> would be better, would be to modify the default license templates to not
> have any trailing newlines at all.  This way it's exactly like in the
> text file and if someone wants to change it, and still not have the
> trailing newline, all they have to do is turn off the automatic newline
> feature of Geany and remove the newlines before saving.

Well... I don't really feel comfortable having files without one
trailing newline. Many tools consider a "line" being "stuff\n", at least
in the UNIX world, so...

Do some others have an opinion on this?

>> No, even if I hardly know Java, I doubt nesting C-style comments is
>> valid in Java. Not sure why it's the default in the Java filetype...
>> does Java support C++-style comments?
> AFAIK, all the languages where there is /* */ style comments in the
> filetypes.* files (except older versions of C) support C++ // style
> comments.  What's more, AFAIK none of them allow nesting /* */ style
> comments.  I'm not expert on any languages, let alone all these, but
> this seems to be the case.
> My opinion is that all applicable filetypes.* files should use // except
> CSS since it neither supports // style comments, nor nested comments,
> there is no hope for him :)  I still don't think C should use // style
> comments for the reasons previously mentioned but I'll concede that it's
> more convenient in most cases and easy enough to change.

Agreed. But supporting both single and multiline comments as a filetype
setting seems still a good idea.


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