[Geany-devel] Split Window Patches

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Wed Mar 16 23:49:14 UTC 2011


I've done some hacking on splitwindow.c and eliminated some bugs and 
added some features.  I checked the geany/geany-plugins feature/bug 
trackers and I'll list which of the items I think can be closed.

The patches:

Enable code folding on the split window.
Closes bug #3097780[1]

Enable Scintilla's default popup editor menu on the split window editor 
so that there's a way to copy/paste/undo/redo/etc.
Closes bug #2983145[2] although the keybindings and main menu items 
still don't work in the split window.

Remove the widget reparenting in an attempt to make the plugin work on 
Windows again.  Although I can't test on Windows, I think there's a good 
chance this will fix the issues and it seems to work fine on Linux as 
well.  I base this on an old GTK+ FAQ entry[3].
If someone can confirm, it will close bug #2725342[4] and the plugin can 
be re-enabled on the Windows build.

Fix confusing terminology in Split View menu, which has annoyed me for 
some time.
Closes bug #3203384[5] and feature request #2796316[6]

Stop unsplitting on document close unless there are no documents left 
open.  This patch just uses the first available document in the 
documents array instead of unsplitting when the document in the split 
window is closed.  I left a TODO comment in there, I'll fix it later 
unless someone else has the time.

While checking the bug/feature trackers, I noticed a few other items 
that can probably be closed.

Feature request #1530436[7]

Feature request #2969886[8] - based on the comments

Bug #2983106[9] - it's not impossible, Ctrl+Scroll works, just no 
keybindings and such.

Bug #2984797[10] - this one has bit me numerous times.  I honestly don't 
know if I fixed with my patches or if someone else fixed it in a recent 
revision, but it seem to no longer be reproducible for me.

[3] http://www.fifi.org/doc/libgtk1.2-doc/faq-html/gtkfaq-5.html#ss5.17

Happy Coding,
Matthew Brush (codebrainz)
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