[Geany-devel] Changes to templates

Matthew Brush matthewbrush at xxxxx
Mon Mar 14 05:07:39 UTC 2011

On 03/13/11 20:23, Lex Trotman wrote:
> It seems to me that the assumption is that the template file encoding
> is UTF-8 or ASCII (as a subset of UTF-8) as its contents are just
> pasted straight into the Scintilla buffer.  The standard templates are
> ASCII, but it may not be true for user defined templates, for instance
> Enrico has non-ASCII characters in his name.
> I am not sure how well the g_str and g_string functions work in this
> case.  Can someone with more understanding of such things comment.
> Should the templates be passed through encodings_convert_to_UTF_8?
I don't know much about encodings, but I can definitively observe some 
strange things by loading non-UTF8 encoded files as the templates.

Matthew Brush (codebrainz)

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