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Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Sat Mar 12 18:18:02 UTC 2011

Hi guys, 

Please give me the chance to point to the world famous usenet quoting
howto at http://www.netmeister.org/news/learn2quote.html
We are here at an mailing list, but most of the rules apply here also. 

Reason for this is that I saw a huge number of mails during the last
days, which included full quotes, not properly formates quotes etc. 

Also it appears a number of mailing clients do have a very special
interpretation of breaking lines after about 70-80 characters. 

Its not very friendly to the readers of this (and other lists) as its
complicating reading and understand the content -- in special they
already have issues on reading much text due e.g. some visual
impairment or even blindness. Just keep this in mind. 

Thanks ;) 

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