[Geany-devel] Ideas on increasing quality of plugins

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Wed Mar 9 11:42:01 UTC 2011


Am 23.02.2011 01:10, schrieb Matthew Brush:
> Another thing could be to make mandatory that documentation is existent
> and current, up to some standard.  I mean for README, manual, and also
> doc-comments in code (ex. each function/global must have a comment or
> something).  Some other items where documentation could be enforced; new
> keybindings, preferences, menu/toolbar items, tabs.

I agree in a general view. According to code comments I'm not sure. But
can you give me some more details what did you think about when you
referred to the keybindings, preferences etc.?

I know its not possible for everybody and useful in every case, but I
did try to make on geanyLaTeX docu [1] what I'd like to have for every


[1] http://frank.uvena.de/files/geany/manuals/geanylatex/geanylatex.html

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