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Nicolas Floquet nicolasfloquet at xxxxx
Wed Mar 9 08:45:33 UTC 2011

I am a french student in computer science, specialized in embedded systems
and low level programming.
However, since I'm kind of a linux lover, I've always wanted to be involved
in an open-source project, and it turns out that geany is very interesting
to me.

I don't have a big professional experience, I am currently doing my final
internship at the CNES (The french national space agency)
My biggest project is a x86 operating system that I am currently developping
with four of my friends (Quite useless project, but very didactic!).
For every project I worked on, Geany has been my best friend (errr that
sounds nerd), and now I would like to get involved on this project.

I hope that I will find some task to work on with you, bug correction,
making coffee, ventilating, anything!

PS:  I try to do my best to avoid english writting mistakes, but feel free
to correct me if necessary ;)

Nicolas Floquet
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