[Geany-devel] Adding .gitignore files to geany-plugins

Matthew Brush matthewbrush at xxxxx
Wed Mar 9 00:56:36 UTC 2011


I wanted to see if anyone thought it would a good idea to add .gitignore 
files in a few places to make it easier for using Git.  Unless I'm 
missing something (which is highly likely), people who are using Git or 
git-svn for development are making their own accommodations for keeping 
built/generated files out of version control.  I know at least a few 
developers are using git-svn, and there's the Git mirror which people 
might submit patches from, so it seems like it might be worthwhile for 
the minimal amount of effort.  Again, I might have no idea what I'm 
talking about, so please correct me if that's the case, since I'm really 
new to using version control systems.

I've attached a patch which might be a good starting point but I've 
probably missed some files that get generated under certain circumstances.

Matthew Brush (codebrainz)
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