[Geany-devel] Ideas on increasing quality of plugins

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Tue Mar 8 10:06:16 UTC 2011

Am 23.02.2011 01:10, schrieb Matthew Brush:
> For first thing, maybe we could enforce use/passing of those tools
> mentioned and these before adding to release, examples:
> http://www.splint.org/
> http://valgrind.org/info/tools.html
> (suppression for GTK - http://people.gnome.org/~johan/gtk.suppression)
> http://www.gnu.org/software/indent/ (just for making coding styles more
> consistent between plugins)
> http://check.sourceforge.net/ or http://cutest.sourceforge.net/ or
> http://cunit.sourceforge.net/
> Perhaps some or all of these could be automated.

I like that idea. Can someone of you build up a howto on how to use it?
I did try valgrind in past and wished for some advice ;)

One this is done we can think of automatic tests with some of this tools.


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