[Geany-devel] Real-time tag parsing (again) (was Geany FTW - better autocompletion)

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sat Mar 5 23:57:32 UTC 2011

Hi all!

Le 19/12/2010 16:05, Colomban Wendling a écrit :
> Hi!
> [...]
> Well! If you apply all these patches, you should have a working,
> real-time, in-memory tag parsing that should look good :)
> So, what's left? Testing of course, lot of it.
> Also, for now it doesn't update tag list before the first save (for new
> documents). I've not investigating the issue yet though.
> So I'll stop here, thank you for your time reading and let you test
> this, right? :)
I'm happy to announce that I've now committed these patches to trunk,
with some little improvements -- an option in the Preference dialog to
configure it, MIO integrated, better code in some places, etc.

This means two things:
1) you no longer need to use these patches to have the feature, simply
use Geany's trunk;
2) if you applied the patches, I suggest you to drop them before
updating from trunk, because it's likely you'd get some conflicts.

Don't hesitate to report any bug you find, as usual!


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