[Geany-devel] Some Color Schemes

Matthew Brush matthewbrush at xxxxx
Tue Mar 1 11:07:40 UTC 2011


I have started a project called geany-themes[1], which so far contains 
about 15 colour schemes for Geany.  I have made a set of filetypes.* 
files so that all the schemes will work with all the supported 
languages/lexers.  I have also ported all of the existing Geany themes I 
could find, including the alt.conf that comes with Geany and those 
listed on the Extras web page.  There are screenshots in the GitHub 
repository of all the themes so far.

I would be glad if anyone wanting to jazz up their Geany could help me 
out with testing the themes/mappings.  There is more information at the 
GitHub project in the README.markdown file.  For languages I don't know, 
it is hard for me to say what Named Style should be used for which lexer 
state/style, so I need people who use/understand these to tell me what 
they want.

Ideally, I would like to make the filetypes.* part of the official Geany 
distribution and not maintain those, and include at least the alt.conf 
with Geany as well.  There are some minor bugs in Geany I have to report 
still like selection styles don't update without restart and selection 
colours reset when scintilla loses focus, but I've been coding with 
quite a few of these schemes without troubles.

Feedback would be much appreciated.

BTW.  My favourite so far is the bespin.conf theme :)

[1] https://github.com/codebrainz/geany-themes

Matthew Brush (codebrainz)

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