[Geany-devel] GIO saving made configurable?

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Sun Jun 19 12:41:34 UTC 2011

> I think so too.
> I'm only afraid how to give this choice to the user. This needs to be
> well documented and probably should go into a normal. not hidden pref
> and so should be in the preferences dialog.

Yes, thats a bit of a problem, summarised as one liners we get:

1. safe but might change permissions and won't work on windows shares
from *ix, no backups
2. can be unsafe, can be slow, complicated, but should work on all
mounted filesystems and some urls, can keep the temp file as backup
3. risky, simple, works on all mounted filesystems, no backups

Not really a marketing mans dream :-(

What to choose if some of the files you have open are on your
webserver via ftpfs and some local?  And there is no safe method if
windows shares are involved.

Of course save-actions plugin can save a backup, but it always reads
and writes the old file contents which can be slow over a network.
And its autosaving periodically can also lose your file as it saves
it, if its using one of 2 or 3, not happy.


PS just for info last time I looked Gedit used option 2 but with
special implementation dependent hacking to make it safe.  Maybe
stealing that is the best option, then its biggest downside is being
slow sometimes.

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