[Geany-devel] GIO saving made configurable?

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Jun 13 22:54:48 UTC 2011


During the phase of removing code that is not relevant anymore since the
dependency bump, I fatally came out to write_data_to_disk().  Now we can
assume we have GIO, it may seem sensible to drop completely the C API
file saving code...

...However, GIO saving seems to cause some problems on some complex


(and maybe more -- at least one on IRC).

So I'm wondering: do we really want to drop the C API-using code path,
or do we want to make it configurable (like safe file saving)?

Well, since I'm not completely sure of what causes the problems and what
are the downsides (either I don't remember or I did not participate to
the discussion...), I prefer to ask you what do you
think/know/remember/whatever about this.

I join a sample patch that make GIO saving configurable (just like safe
file saving) with it enabled by default, if anybody wants to check it out.

So, what's your opinion?

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